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Mobile Applications

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Mobile Applications

The explosion of smartphone utilization to navigate on the web since 2013 has put the mobile development in the heart of all web strategies. Today, everyone owns a mobile phone. Therefore, it is absolutely normal that mobile development would become a trend in the upcoming years. Your company must follow that trend which will help you improving your communication and propose an optimal communication to your users.

Our agency specializes in mobile applications development and knows how to adapt to new users behavior. To best answer the needs of our customers, we always stay up to date with the latest technologies of mobile development.

Native, Hybrid or Progressive app:

There are different technologies that can be used for mobile development. As your technology partner, we will help you choosing the best options for your mobile project:

Native application: This is an application which is developed specifically for an operating system. This development technique allows to use the whole set of functionalities provided by the operating system (including GPS, Camera etc.) and allows building apps that can also work without internet connections. However, with this technique, we will have to develop the application for each operating system so everyone can use the application (iOS and Android users).

To recap, a native application allows to:
- Better speed
- Better access to phone functionalities
- Use of push notification
- Use without internet connection

Hybrid application: As a mix native application and web application, this solution is faster to develop and less expensive. Moreover, it needs only one version for both iOS and Android platforms. However, its performances won't be as good as the native app and the application will be less stable. The main advantage of a hybrid application is that you have only one source code.

Progressive Web application: This is a website developed specifically for mobile use. You can access the application only from a navigator but not from an application store. Therefore, these apps will not take any space or memory in your phone. This solution is the fastest and the less expensive to develop a mobile application. 

Mobile development: What are the advantages for your company?

How a mobile application can be useful for your company? In addition to the fact that the trend of the web is going more and more to the mobile, a mobile application will allow you to propose an optimal and innovative service to your clients. Therefore your clients will become more loyal and you will sell more.

Webneoo will guide you through the study and development of your application:

  • Audit and choice of technology
  • Application development based on requirement book
  • Follow up and optimization

Our agency will help you creating your digital strategy.

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